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# Continue to prune your roses. Renew the ties on climbers and standards, using soft stretchy cotton strips of fabric. Follow with spray of spraying oil.

# Later in the month fertilise roses with a specific rose food and apply a layer of mulch/ pea hay/ compost.

# Add groups of colour by planting potted colour flowering won't be long before summer flowering annuals are available. Keep off very wet gardens.

# Keep planting fruit trees, berries, roses, and ornamental trees. Cut runners from strawberry plants and use as new plants. Replace plants if more than 3 years old.
# Clean out greenhouses/glasshouses in preparation of new season tomato and cucumber plants. Replace soil if needed as you don't want too plant tomatoes in the same soil as last year. Replace with good quality vegetable mix.

# Examine feature ornamental trees and remove any branches that maybe too low, damaged or weak, now while they have no leaves and you can see their shape.

# Plant more brassica plants. These will mature pre Christmas, before White butterfly are about.

# Check frost cloth that you have covering tender plants as it maybe getting tatty, and need replacing.