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# Plant leeks by drilling a hole with a stick and just drop them in it.

# Plant heat loving annuals like petunias, zinnias and marigolds for summer colour.

# Continue to remove laterals from tomatoes.

# Liquid feed all newly planted flower and vegetable plants.

# Adding compost will help the soil to hold more water and also attracts earthworms which will make more nutrients available to plants.

# Set mower blades high...if you scalp your lawn it can burn and also dries out and allows stronger weed varieties to establish.

# Tie up to stakes delphiniums, dahlias and roses new growth.

# Water any plants that you planted during the winter. A good soak is much better than a shower. Take the nozzle off your hose and run water at base of rose or tree, so water gets down to the bottom of the hole you made when you planted it. Do this every 7 or 10 days during the summer.