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#  Keep up the watering. Remember to water early in the morning if possible and give a good soak rather than a light sprinkle.  We can help with installing a fixed irrigation system if this would make watering easier for you.

 # Remove spent blooms from your flowering plants e.g. roses, petunias and geraniums. This will encourage them to continue too flower and give them more fertilizer.

# It is time too plant leeks and Brussels sprout plants for winter eating.

# Lightly trim the dead flowers from lavenders and hebes. This will help to stop them becoming leggy.

# Watch for white butterfly caterpillars on your cabbage, broccoli etc. either spray with Mavrik, dust with Derris Dust or squeeze them with fingers.

# Cut down to the ground,  canes of raspberries that fruited, leaving new growth which will fruit  next year.

# Sow seeds of carrots, parsnip, Swedes, turnips and beetroot.

# Pick basil and make pesto. If freezing leave out the cheese.

# Harvest shallots and onions when the tops fall over and begin to turn brown. Leave in warm, dry place for about a week to dry and then store. The same for garlic ( Don’t remove the stalks or roots )