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•    Prune fuchsia and hydrangea; apply aluminium sulphate to the ground around blue hydrangea varieties to keep them blue.
•    Plant lobelia and petunia, in pots and baskets, for quick summer colour. Remember to use a good potting mix.
•    Watch for slugs and snails eating new growth on delphiniums, hosta, dahlias and gypsophila. Also newly planted seedlings, both flower and vegetable, they love them all.
•    Rake out dead moss from lawns where you have killed the moss with Iron Sulphate in solution, then fertilise with lawn fertiliser, to encourage grass growth.
•    Plant early varieties of seed potatoes and continue to mound up as the foliage emerges.
•    Sow seed of cucumber, zucchini, melons and pumpkin in small peat pots and then plant out after fear of frost are over, and also then have minimum root disturbance.
•    Plant tomato and other tender vegetable plants later in month if out in the open, or in glasshouses and warm areas.
•    Apply specific fertilisers to strawberries and citrus. Citrus can be quite yellow after the cold of winter. Black Passion fruit will like some compost around them[not too close to stem]
•    Spray  stone fruit with liquid copper and raingard, as the leaves emerge, and repeating as the leaf enlarges. This layer of copper on leaf prevents the fungi spore of curly leaf, from entering the leaf.
•    Lots to do in October, but the days are getting longer and planning now, means plenty of harvest of homegrown produce over the summer months.