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# Early spring can be frustrating for us gardeners. We are keen to get planting but we have to remember how changeable the temperatures can be. Later in the month you can begin to sow seeds of tender plants such as cucumbers, pumpkins, cucumbers and tomato seeds in containers in a greenhouse or somewhere warm and protected from frosts. These can then be planted out mid October, depending on the weather. But don't forget  to harden them off before planting out into the elements. Be weary of frosts to avoid disappointment!!!!

# Top up veggie bins with compost and sheep pellets. Dig in cover crops that have been cut down. It will then be ready for planting into in October.

# Plant a few early potatoes such as Rocket, Jersey Benne or Illam Hardy, to be ready at Christmas. Select a warm spot and keep mounding up too protect foliage from frost. Use straw, peahay or compost if you wish.

# As hostas and delphiniums begin to shoot, protect from slugs and snails.

# Fertilise roses, citrus and grapes as they now put on heaps of  growth

# Feed strawberries and tidy them up if you haven't...remove runners from parent plant and use to make more plants or replace old plants.

# Plant tuberous begonia tubers, gladioli, peaeony and dahlias.

# With warmer temperatures, fruit flies may be invading your worm farm. Sprinkle with lime and add shredded damp newspaper and leaves as you could be adding too much fruit or food high in sugars.