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#  Protect newly planted seedlings from the wind and the hot sun, using windbreak cloth or shade cloth. Only water in the evening, then the plants has all night to absorb the moisture. Never water during the heat of the day, as you can burn the leaves and give garden a good soaking regularly, rather than a light sprinkle.

#  Keep garden free of weeds and give plants a light dressing of general fertilizer.

# Tie up tomatoes, and remember to take out the laterals if you want nice tidy plants.

# Look at zucchinis daily, so you don’t end up with marrows.

# Potatoes planted in September, or earlier, can be dug and I bet they will be delicious with a little butter and mint sauce {bring to the boil, then turn element down very low]

#  Flowering plants, such as Dahlias, Roses and daisies should have their deadheads removed and this will encourage new growth and more flowers in 6 to 7 weeks.

# Hanging baskets and pots can now be replanted with colourful annuals, beautifying your patio and outdoor living areas.

# It is very important to water any trees, roses and shrubs that you planted during the winter. It is best to leave the hose [without a nozzle] running very slowly, just out from the base of the plant for at least half an hour, then move on to the next one.

#  All the very best during the Festive Season, and enjoy the fruits of your labours and don’t forget to take time to smell the Roses.