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Otane Arts and Crafts Corner are hosting their annual Queen’s Birthday Exhibition Weekend between Friday 31st and Sunday 2nd June, 10am to 4pm.  Members will be showcasing a wide variety of Art and Craftwork for sale spanning our eight different groups.  Plants, preserves and homebaking will be available along with an eftpos facility, raffle and delicious Devonshire teas and coffees.  OACC is located on the corner of Higginson Street and White Road in Otane village.  Entry is free.
We are currently raising much needed funds to replace the roof on this historic building. 

Friday 1st Feb – 10am – 12pm: Options for managing arthritis seminar. Includes presentations by a rheumatologist, pharmacist, physiotherapist and nutritionist. Harris/Simkin Room, Pettigrew Green Arena, Taradale.

Monday 11th Feb – 10am – 11am: Tips for managing osteoarthritis, presented by Zoe Pullman, arthritis educator. St Lukes Church Hall, Havelock North.

Monday 11th Feb – 11.30am – 12.30pm Tips for managing inflammatory auto-immune arthritis (e.g., rheumatoid, psoriatic, lupus), presented by Zoe Pullman, arthritis educator. St Lukes Church Hall, Havelock North.

Friday 15th Feb – 10am – 11am: Tips for managing osteoarthritis, presented by Zoe Pullman, arthritis educator. AW Parsons Indoor Pool Meeting Room, Waipukurau

# In March we are busy harvesting, preserving and planting for the winter....

# Sow seeds of parsnips , carrots, swedes, turnips and broad beans . Plant seedlings of spinach, kale, silver beet, bok choy and pak choi. And also cabbage, cauli., and broccoli. Remember to plant a few different vegetables each fortnight, rather than having everything ready to eat at the same time.

#  Sow sweet pea seed for spring flowering. Soak seed overnight in water before sowing.Add sheep pellets, lime and compost to soil before sowing and then watch slugs and snails don't eat them as they germinate.

# Spring flowering bulbs are beginning to appear in garden centres. Be in early for those popular or rare varieties.

# When the soil dries out, continue to prune roses. Spray with a mix of spraying oil and Copper. This seals the cuts and smoothes scale and fungi.

# Plant new roses, trees and berries.

# Think about where you could plant some vegetables as we are approaching spring. Even if it’s only a couple of lettuce and silver beet plants. It always tastes better when you have grown it yourself.

# Fertilise roses, citrus and fruit trees. Take care to keep fertilizer away from the trunk, and water in well.

# Green tip or early bud movement, begins in stone fruits, soon. Spray with copper to protect from leaf curl and bladder plum.

# Wood ash can be sprinkle sparingly on gardens and raked in, but NOT near camellias, rhodos. and other acid loving plants.

Monday 28 November the old Nurses Home at the old Waipukurau Hospital burnt down. The building has been completely destroyed. One of the few buildings that were to be saved.  Demolition continues...

Thumbs up to our awesome fire brigades and our awesome fire men and ladies that worked for hours to keep neighbouring houses safe.  Here are some photographs today 29 November of the hospital site the first ones are of the old nurses home.

(right click on each photo to view).


Congratulations to the Deakin Brothers for their tenacity in getting started on the demolition of the old Waipukurau hospital buildings.

As a community we wish them well with their endeavours on this project knowing that almost anything they do to this site will be an improvement on what we have currently.  Big thumbs up.  These photos were taken 24 February the top ones just a week later on 2 March.  Excellent progress...

Monthly respiratory clinic at CHB Outpatients Department- always last Thursday of the month.  Clinic appointments in Napier Monday to Friday also. (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / COPD, bronchiectasis etc)
For free education and support by Respiratory Nurse Educators.  Lung function tests (spirometry) completed (charges apply)   bookings by appointment Toll Free for cell or landline  0800 ASTHMA / 0800 278462

Monthly Breathe Easy Support Group meets in CHB - call for more details.
Contact Person: Toni Hewett
Phone or Mobile Number: 0800 278 462 or TEXT 022 694 2872
Email Address:
Web Address:

Does your business need a spring clean?  Spring cleaning a business can cover many aspects.  If you have been in business for a long time (or not) it can be useful to look at your business from the clients perspective. 

First Contact/phone contact
First point of contact how does your business greet clients?  On the phone do your clients feel valued? is there a web presence? (CHB.NET.NZ can assist with this) is your business easily found? Do clients know your business hours? Do they know what you do? What you specialise in?

When your client comes in is it welcoming? Tidy? Clean? Look like a business? Friendly greeting?

Everyone seems to be on a budget, taking care of every penny where they can.  We are open as to what has worked for you in keeping your outgoings down.
Do you squeeze every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube then cut it open for the rest?  Do you use a plastic spatula to get the last of the jam/vegemite/sauce out of the jar?  Do you reuse your teabags?  Let us know.
Here are a couple of interesting link for budget recipe ideas

Budget ideas