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#  Plant Christmas Lilies in containers to enjoy their perfumed flowers at Christmas

#  Sprinkle a little Lime around carnations, lavenders, dianthus, sweet peas and gypsophila

#  Feed Polyanthus, Primula and Pansy both in the garden and pots. They like very small amounts of Dried Blood or mix some Thrive with water. Also take off dead heads, this encourages them to keep flowering.

#  Vegetables you can plant in June are…Garlic cloves, Red Onions, Pukekohe Longkeeper Onions, Shallots, Silver Beet, Spinach, frilly lettuce,  and Broccoli.

#   You can plant a punnet of frilly lettuce [these you can pull off individual leaves] in a pot, using good potting mix and placing it in a warm sunny spot and don’t forget to water it.

#   Tie up Broad Bean plants, as they grow as they bend and break very easily.

#   Don’t prune your roses till July. You can tidy them by removing deadheads and any dead wood. You can spray with smelly Lime Sulphur prior to pruning, particularly if you have had a problem with disease.

# Move any frost tender plants [e.g orchids and citrus] in pots, closer to the house.